Editorial: Northwest Beer Guide, Facing The Realities & Adding A New Writer

Sitting here in the office, it has become clear that there is more to craft beer than Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. There are times when the casual beer drinker isn’t drinking something that screams “Made in the USA” and instead calls for something with a bit more international accent. For us in the Northwest this means paying closer attention to our Northern Brother’s and Sisters.

As someone who has admittedly been to Canada (on vacation only a handful of times) we are the last people to voice a strong opinion regarding the craft beer scene in British Columbia, let alone the entire country of Canada. Andy “The Beer Man” Coppick is one of those such people who can speak volumes regarding the sweat and dedication that is Canadian Craft Beer. Starting tomorrow (Friday June 11th) you can expect to see not only occasional posts regarding Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia, but also a different attitude regarding craft beer in the Northwest.

Andy will bring a different kind of voice to the Northwest Beer Guide, one that includes a more black or white approach to expressing one’s opinion. As always please express your opinion on the website as we grow beyond the United States and recognize our neighbors to the North.

Welcome to the team Andy,  we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Northwest Beer Guide

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