(WA) Yakima Craft Brewing Expands Production

Yakima, WA – Back in the mid 80’s and on into the latter part of the 90’s the words craft beer and Yakima evoked an image of Bert Grant and that familiar kilts and cap. Bert Grant might have left us and his former brewery has long-since been retired, but the spirit of brewing amongst the hops of Yakima lives on through Yakima Craft Brewing.

Based near the Northern-edge of Yakima, Jeff Win and his partner Chris Sweden have produced over nine beers since their start in 2007. However, as with all things profitable sooner or later one must expand. As of May 24th, Yakima Craft can happily announce they will be expanding their brewing capacity over 60% after installation of their new fermentation vessels. Here is what Jeff Winn had to say regarding new expansion.

“This is a good day for us, and for our fans.” says President and Brewmaster Jeff Winn, “We’ll now be better able to meet the demand for our beer in Yakima and beyond.”

Demand has continued to rise since the debut of the brewery’s first label, Pale Ale.  Mr. Winn and Head Brewer Chris Swedin have gone on to release nine other labels, including popular seasonal releases on tap and in bottles.

“Of course, adding this capacity means more work for us,” says Mr. Winn, “but at least we’re doing something that we love.” –source, Yakima Craft Brewing

Although its unclear if this will translate into more beer into Western Washington, this certainly means you will find more Yakima Craft east of the Cascades. Congratulations on your recent expansion guys.

About Yakima Craft Brewing

We started building Yakima Craft Brewing Co. in December of 2007. We sold our first beer in June of 2008.

Even though we are a young brewery, there is a lot of history here.

As beer fans, you probably know that the Yakima Valley is responsible for producing around 75% of the hop crop grown in the U.S.A.

As the major producer of hop, you would think that this area is closely tied to the craft beer industry. And you'd be right. Most of the major US hop growers and processors are here, as well as hop industry organizations.

More than this, many would argue that the craft beer industry wouldn't be as it is today without one particular figure; Bert Grant. Bert isn't the only figure in craft beer, but many would argue that he was the one with most initial impact, founding Bert Grant's Real Ales in 1982 in the Opera House here in Yakima. [more] –source, Yakima Craft Brewing Company Co.


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