(WA) Georgetown Brewing Newly Relocated Tasting Room & Gift Shop Opening June 6th at 10 AM

Seattle, WA - Nearly eight years ago the Brewery which has given us Manny's Pale Ale, Roger's Pilsner, Choppers Red, and Nine Pound Porter, was born. Reared in the former Malting House of the Ranier Brewery in the Georgetown neighborhood, Georgetown Brewery has become synonymous with consistency and familiarity. To those of us that live around the Puget Sound Manny's will always be our Pale Ale.

But as their beers became popular, so did the demand, and for that very reason they expanded their operations into a new location (with office and commercial space) to continue growth to meet the demand. For over a year the new brewery, located just a half mile away, has been brewing up our favorite Georgetown beers, but now we are happy to announced that June 7th, you will be able to visit the brewery and their soon to be open tasting room and gift shop.

For Georgetown this will also be the final steps in relocating all brewing operations to this new location. Featured at the gift shop and tasting room will be memorabilia and the opportunity to sample a Georgetown beer while view the brewery floor. Additionally with the new location comes more frequent opportunities to take a tour of the brewery Saturdays.

New Brewery Hours will be as followed, Monday thru Friday 10 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM, with the brewery closed on Sundays.

About Georgetown Brewing

We're Roger Bialous and Manny Chao... a couple of beer loving local boys who brewed up a pretty darn tasty beer in the garage (actually it was the back deck, but garage sounds better). We decided to chuck our jobs... all for beer. Yee-haw.
In all seriousness, we're living out our dreams. We love beer. We love brewing. Here we are. Life's too short not to follow your beer, er... I mean passions. The Zen philosopher Basho once wrote, " a flute without holes is not a flute and a donut with no holes is a danish." –source, Georgetown Brewing Company’s website

June 7th, 2010 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Georgetown Brewing opens their new Gift Shop & Tasting Room
5200 Airport Way S Seattle WA 98108


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