Seattle Beer Week: Sierra Nevada Dinner at Latona Pub Tonight 5/17 at 6:00 PM

image courtesy of SudsyMaggie's Flickr page Seattle, WA – Although this writer can’t seem to get the name right, there is nothing wrong with what’s going on tonight at Latona,. For almost a generation, this neighborhood pub has been feeding bellies with excellent locally brewed beers and locally cooked meals. Located near Greenlake and just down the street from Tangletown (and Elysian’s brewpub), the pub has been a mainstay for brewers and residents, throughout the city.

Tonight while you look over your options, we would like further complicate your situation with another reminder, Sierra Nevada is guest hosting a dinner at Latona. Although not confirmed, it’s likely you will see Sierra Nevada’s head brewer Terrence Sullivan (who will be at Bottleworks tomorrow May 18th). This will also be the first brewers dinner in quite a while and if their World Beer Cup Dinner was any demonstration of their willingness to exceed expectations, you might need to hit the gym afterwards.

So what are they pouring at this dinner, you ask. Well as a subscriber to the Latona Pub’s newsletter we were fortunate enough to see this note.

Cask Finished


The menu regarding the meal hasn’t been released yet, but if you have to wait for us to put this up, you probably shouldn’t go. Space is limited and as far as we know this dinner is still available. So contact the pub as soon as they open up (around 12 PM).

About Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

In 1979, Ken Grossman began building a small brewery in the town of Chico, California. His goal: to brew exceptional ales and lagers. Today, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is considered the premier craft brewery in the United States. And the beer? Critics proclaim it “Among the best brewed anywhere in the world.”

Ken’s passion for brewing began when a friend showed him the basics of home brewing. Using homemade equipment, Ken began brewing five-gallon batches of beer on his own, and soon became a proficient home brewer.

In 1976, after studying chemistry and physics at Butte Community College and California State University at Chico, Ken opened his own store, The Home Brew Shop. There, he supplied Chico’s home-brewing community with equipment, materials, and advice, but dreamed of opening his own brewery.[more] –source, Sierra Nevada Brewing

About Latona Pub

We have a mission here at the three pubs: to introduce you to some of the best beers in the world. In our opinion, this means that the beer brewed in our own backyard is created by some of the most talented, creative people in the world. Certainly some fine beers are imported, but often that beer doesn’t receive the care it needs during its travels. At our pubs, we want to present to you the closest thing to what the brewers create. We take care of the beer we pour so that you will have a fresh and wonderful experience. [more] –source, Latona Pub

May 17th, 2010 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM *end time an approximation
Sierra Nevada Brewers Dinner, Latona Pub
6423 Latona Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA 98115 (206) 525-2238


About the photo’s author

Maggie Sudduth is a craft beer lover and homebrewer living on Vashon Island. She works in Seattle as an accountant.