(OR) North American Organic Brewers Festival is having a Volunteer Party, 5/28

image of 2008's North American Organic Beer Festival courtesy of Portlandbeer.org's Flickr page Portland, OR - While it is still a few weeks away, we wanted to remind you that if you have been pondering whether or not to spend the necessary funds for a day of drinking organic-only beers at the NAOBF, you have no excuse after May 28th. Hosted by Roots Organic Brewery (1520 S.E. 7th Avenue) the event will be a mixture of both celebration and recruitment for those interested in volunteering for NAOBF.

The event kicks off at 5PM and concludes around 9PM, with happy hour discounts, complimentary snacks, with an added bonus of garnering four free tokens if you sign up to volunteer. Course, the organizers aren't turning a blind eye to those who have already signed up to pull taps at the festival, just show up with your valid id and they will disperse four tokens to you as well.

For more information regarding available shifts, guidelines, and any other questions you might have, go to the website. www.naobf.org

May 28th, 2010 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST
North American Organic Brewers Festival, Roots Organic Brewery
1520 S.E. 7th Avenue Portland, OR (503) 236-7668

June 25th, 2010 - June 27th, 2010 12:00 - 9PM (except Sun. till 5PM)
North American Organic Brewers Festival
Overland Park, Portland, OR


image Designed to raise awareness about organic beer and sustainable living, the NAOBF serves up more than 50 organic beers from around the nation. From summery Saison and Kolsch styles to rich and hearty stouts, the festival offers beers to please every palate. There's also live music, organic food, sustainability-oriented vendors and non-profits, and a children's area.

The festival goes beyond beer tasting by striving to be the most earth-friendly beer festival in North America. Festival attendees sample beer from reusable and compostable cornstarch glasses made from domestically grown corn by a zero-waste, solar-powered company. Onsite composting and recycling stations are provided for festival waste, and food vendors are required to use compostable cutlery and plates. Electricity needs are met with a combination of biodiesel and solar generators. Volunteers wear organic cotton and hemp t-shirts, and all event signage is reusable. [more]

About Roots Organic Brewery

image of Roots courtesy of Portlandbeer.org's Flickr page Roots Organic Brewing Company. Roots is the First Certified All Organic Brewery in Oregon. Founded in March of 2005, Roots produces handcrafted herbal and traditional brews in a Pacific Northwest style. Craig Nicholls did his internship at Rogue Brewing Co. with the best of the best, John Maier. Gaining brewing experience at a variety of Oregon breweries, Nicholls got his first opportunity as a head brewer at the Alameda Brewhouse in the summer of 96, and gained wide recognition for his alchemical and organic brews that included roses (Spring Rose Doppelbock), juniper branches (Juniper Porter), and sage (Zeppelin Sage Fest Bier), among other odd infusions. Nicholls was the first brewer in Oregon to do Organic Brews on a commercial level, which started with the Heather Ale back in 1996. [more]


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