image of MacTarnahan’s Lip Stinger Farmhouse Ale c ourtesy of the brewery Portland, OR – While this writer was out of town ‘paying the bills’, you may have been the fortunate one who stumbled into a party going on back on the 13th. Featured at the Portland’s MacTarnahan’s Taproom and Seattle’s Pyramid Alehouse, the annual release of the Lip Stinger Farmhouse Ale occurred. Featured on the 13th of May, this peppercorn infused ale was released last year to much acclaim from thirsty brewery fans and writers.

Here is what the brewery had to say regarding this beer.

Part of MacTarnahan’s seasonal series of impressively proportioned 22 oz. bottle specialty beers, Lip Stinger is brewed to accompany late-spring-through-summer endeavors and well-earned moments of personal inertia. Enjoy the heat….and no pouting! This original interpretation of classic Belgian and French farmhouse ales is crafted from three malts and two types of hops. During fermentation, a four-variety blend of cracked Malaysian and Indian peppercorns is added to create a deliciously spicy nose and intriguingly pleasant warming sensation on the palate. “What emerges between sips is an exceptionally interesting beer whose rustic effervescent character hits the spot and makes it tingle whenever easy-drinking refreshment is sought”, says Mark Carver, Director of Pontification and Tale Telling at MacTarnahan’s.

Spineless whiners need not apply. Everybody else can get stung good from May through August in bars and at beverage retailers throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii. Those seeking the ultimate Lip Stinger experience can do so on draft exclusively at brewery alehouses in Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, and Sacramento. All serving opportunities come with one essential caveat: only 500 cases of this distinctively different creation will be forthcoming. Interested parties are advised to act decisively. –source, MacTarnahan’s Brewing


MacTarnahan’s Brewing Co. is the brewer of full-flavored specialty beers that come without regrets of any kind. Handcrafted at our brewery in Northwest Portland, Oregon with what to untrained eyes is an excessive amount of obsessive compulsion, MacTarnahan’s ales continue to be venerated by consumers and experts alike. In 2009, MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale took the gold medal at the Great American Beer Fest, which named us America’s Mid-Size Brewer of the Year in 2008. (Nice laurels. But we’ve no time to rest on them.)


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