(WW) Man loses 4th Generation iPhone in German Bar, Get's a Trip to Munich

thanks to Haus Staudt for their photo

This week, Apple Loyalist and Hater's alike felt some form of emotion when it was revealed that a fellow blogger (writer) for Gizmodo stumbled across an Apple iPhone 4th Generation prototype. Where the story takes a turn for the odd, is that the forgetfulness occurred at a well known German bar in Redwood City, California.

The bar in question that provided not only the thought forgetting beverage was Gourmet Haus Staudt German bar (with supposedly a killer beer garden) located in Redwood City, CA.

What is telling about this story is that not only did the lucky writer, attempt to return the device, but he was able to look over the contents in order to track the owner down. Of the items found was his Facebook profile on the phone, with a telling status.

I underestimated how good German beer is," -source, Gizmodo.com

image of an invitation to the absent-minded Apple employee courtesy of Lufthana's Twitter accountBesides the many discussions in the press and the blogs, regarding the leaked iPhone, it seems that one airline is willing to reward our hapless employee. Lufthansa’s Nicola Lange, Director of Marketing recently revealed that the airline would be willing to fly our absent minded Apple employee to Munich, Germany (home to Oktoberfest), so that he might try the real thing.

Although the connection between Lufthansa (the airline), the iPhone and German beer is not immediately apparent, Lufthansa has recently opened a Bavarian Beer Garden Business Lounge in Munich.

Details on this story are still coming in but one thing is clear, our newly enlightened German beer lover, won’t be bringing any prototypes.

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