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Mukilteo, WA - As is common for us, we scour the web for a story that might be of interest to you. Last year we reported on a beer inspired from the mind of guitarist Michael "Whip" Wilton. Brewed by Lazy Boy out of Everett Washington the beer received plenty of attention not just from local enthusiasts, thirsty for another beer, but also music lovers.

A few weeks ago it came to our attention Whip Ale (brewed by Lazy Boy) featured at bars and festivals would be discontinued, or so it seemed. Enter Diamond Knot Brewing, straight out Mukilteo and as already leaked out by Federal beer label orator,, Whip Pale Ale is changing breweries. Starting as early as next weekend (maybe later) you can start to look for this beer again at the bars.

However, if you’re looking for an excuse to attend a re-launch party, you will have to wait a bit longer until the guys at Diamond Knot can hammer things out. So far a few parties will be planned, to coincide with Seattle Beer Week, but don't quote us yet. Till then start pestering your nearby bar around next Sunday (the 9th).

Here is what Michael Wilton had to say about his beer.

Whip Ale is now brewed by Diamond Knot brewery in Mukilteo, WA. We had to expand beyond the production limits we were at, and Diamond Knot is the perfect fit to meet our goals and the demand. We have spent the off time to perfect the recipe in order to bring you the same Whip Ale that we initially int...roduced back in December...

We have also received our federal label approval for kegs and bottles. With the new label approval we are now allowed to bottle Whip Ale, and will be doing so soon (in 22 ounce bomber bottles). In the mean time, we are going re-fill the Seattle market, and work on expaning beyond that. Any inquiries for Whip Ale can be directed to Thank you. -source, Michael Wilton’s website

About Michael Wilton

At the age of 8, I inherited a bass from my uncle, who died tragically in a motorcycle accident in San Leandro, CA. My parents then relocated to Bellevue, Washington where I acquired a nylon acoustic from an aunt and began listening to my father's vast record collection. My early influences were The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Mountain, The Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and the San Francisco scene. Having a love for the bass I     learned the notes and a few scales and began emulating some of my favorite tunes. I figured out how to hook into my father's receiver and get a really distorted fuzzy sound. I began to learn some Mountain songs and played until I blew up my father's speakers; he was not amused. So I convinced my parents to UPS my uncle's Fender Bassman and speaker cabinet. That became my amp all the way through high school. [more] –source, Michael Wilton’s website

About Diamond Knot Brewing

Diamond Knot’s original alehouse is in a building that has housed a pub by some name for over 30 years. Before the building became a pub, it was a bus garage used by the local transit company, and the main roll-up door can still be seen just inside our front door. The original thick, sturdy wooden beams and open plank ceiling are open to view, giving the building a wharf-like atmosphere that fits perfectly with the our nautical feel and the waterfront on which we are located.

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