(WA) Snoqualmie Falls Brewing's Janelle Pritchard Makes Draft Magazine’s Top 10 Beers Brewed by Women List.

Snoqualmie, WA - In the realm of craft beer the common misperception is that it's a man's world and if you want to see a woman in the brewery, you need to head to the pub. However, believe it or not there are some accomplished female brewers from around the world. In fact for those of in the Northwest we have at least two, in one Tonya Cornett (Bend Brewing) and Janelle Pritchard (Snoqualmie Falls).
     This week we noticed as we were checking our inbox a mention came up regarding the Top 10 Beers Brewed by Women. The purpose of this list was to recognize the contributions these women made to the craft beer scene. Although some of them might not have given birth to the recipes used, their labors in the brewery are definitely appreciated.
     Within that list of notable women, Tonya Cornett and our own Washington state local Janelle Pritchard stood out.
     Here is what DRAFT Magazine had to say about Janelle and her work on the Snoqualmie Wildcat India Pale Ale.
"Well-balanced Pacific Northwest-style India Pale Ale. Grapefruit and pine aromas dominate with an excellent malt backbone and a lingering bitter aftertaste. Brewed by Janelle Pritchard at Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company in Snoqualmie, Washington." –source, Draft Magazine
     Congratulations on the continued recognition for your contributions to the local craft beer scene.
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