Seattle, WA – Another weekend of rain and wind in the books, or as we commonly refer it as, Spring in Seattle. The second full week of Spring has come and gone and with it some great events including a dinner at Art of the Table, a late the table tasting of Ninkasi Spring Reign, and a preview of the review to come for the next in Redhook Ales’ Limited Series 8-4-1.

Tuesday March 30th, 2010

image Ninkasi Brewing Pint & Bottle Logo Side by Side courtesy of our Flickr page On Tuesday we decided to raid the fridge for something tasty and and chose a month old release of Ninkasi’s Spring Reign Ale. It’s a bit saddening to think that this beer which inspired a good vibe when compared to the weather outside, will be lost in about a month or so.

If you can find this beer on the shelf give it a shot, as we thought it was a great introduction to the Summer weather to come.

Ninkasi Brewing Co.
272 Van Buren Street Eugene, OR 97402-4971 (541) 344-2739

Wednesday March 31st, 2010

image Appertif with Avery Fifteen Belgian-style Saison courtesy of our Flickr page As it customary when it comes to ‘hump day’ we reflect on the events from the previous few days and look forward to another weekend.

For us though, we could not help but relish in the fact that we were one of 32 people (out of 300+ reservation attempts) to acquire a seat at Art of the Table’s Russian River dinner. Featured at this five course tour of all things brett (cept’ one reputed minor pain in the arse Pliny the Elder) was a splendid presentation both verbal (special thanks to Click Wholesale’s Matt Younts) and visually pleasing.

To those that missed this dinner, you only have twenty-three (23) more days till the next dinner, this time featuring Stone Brewing.

Note, we have a review for this and the previously mentioned Ray’s Boathouse Dinner, shortly.

Art of the Table
1054 North 39th Street, Seattle, WA‎ (206) 282-0942‎

Thursday April 1st, 2010

image Redhook 8-4-1 B&W courtesy of our Flickr page

Left at our doorstep though was no joke as Redhook Ales’ Imperial Brown dubbed Limited 8-4-1. A compliment to Redhook, they really know how to ship a beer (complete with limited edition glassware). We will have a review of this beer on Tuesday along with some additional photos, till then here is a nice B&W for ya, until we turn the lights on.

Redhook Ale Brewery

That’s all the photos we have for now, but we will have some more later whenever inspiration hits us.


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