image of Upright's logo courtesy of their website Portland, OR – Ok, let’s be frank about this, if you are reading this then you have been blind several great write-ups (posted below this story). This is not to say we wish you leave our site permanently, but we wanted to draw attention to how much you will be kicking yourself if you dismiss attending this Friday at Upright Breweries tasting room.

First, an announcement is in order regarding a beer that is finally being released, Four Play. Taking a cue from the Belgian’s and their sour beer style ales, Upright took their beer and placed it in Pinot Noir barrels since March of 2009. In addition to barrel aging, they also added cherry puree, lactobacillus and brettanomyces to dry out and sour the beer. Expect this beer to be EXTREMELY rare with a total of five (5) kegs and eighty (80) (750ml) cases produced. Good luck finding this in Seattle or even throughout Portland, as more than likely this will be sequestered to the brewery only.

inspiring image of Kira Jensen on the label courtesy of Samurai Artist Trivia, the bottle’s inspiring beauty illustrated by the capable hands of  Ezra “Samurai Artist” Johnson-Greenough, was inspired by Kira Jensen, owner and operator of Sugar Cube Cupcakes and Desserts. Look for her at the party (more on that in a bit) this Friday as well.

Secondly, we wanted to remind you that believe it or not it’s been a year since Upright first opened, exposing us to their spin on artisan ales with food pairings in mind. Since that time Alex Ganum and company have made waves with their open-fermented French and Belgian-style ales (locked in a sealed room), focus on pairing with food, and dedication to gaining parity with wine in regards to what’s on the dinner table.

This Friday, they continue that tradition by recognizing their accomplishments, their beers, and above all, the support of their fans and customers. Featured on draft at their tasting room, expect to see a few familiar ‘friends’, and beers, as well as a special release Farmhouse-style Ale Apricot Farmhouse Ale.

Apricot Farmhouse Ale, is a simple brewed version of the traditional Saison Ale with mostly Pale Malt and a dab of Wheat, which feeds their French Saison yeast strain. After the beer has fermented for a while they add more sugar using over 300 pounds of apricot puree, which is later filtered out during the kegging process. What is left is a dry by sour / tart finished Saison with a fruity nose. At 6.00% this is fits in line with the Northwest ‘session’ experience.

So stop reading this and get to Upright this Friday or you will have to wait another year for their Anniversary to come around.

April 9th, 2010 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST
Four Play & First Year Anniversary Party, Upright Brewing
240 N. Broadway, Suite 2, Portland OR 97227 (503) 735-5337

About Upright Brewing's Owner Alex Ganum

image of Upright's Owner Alex Ganum courtesy of's Flickr page Alex Ganum is the owner and head brewer at Upright. He grew up drinking his father’s German pilseners and his older brother’s Bells Porter before moving to Portland in 2002. After meeting several homebrewers he decided to give it a go and never looked back. Seven years later his love of brewing led him to open Upright, a brewery he thinks is as much part of the community as it is personal. When he doesn’t have beer on his mind Alex is probably thinking about what’s next in the kitchen or on his plate and what digestif to wash it down with.

About The Sugar Cube

The Sugar Cube: Food-cart maven Kir Jensen has a genius way of turning childhood sweets into thoroughly adult desserts. Witness her Amy Winehouse cupcake. She took the Harvey Wallbanger cake -- that '70s potluck staple -- and launched it into the present with gourmet ingredients and tongue-in-cheek garnishes. Her luscious hot chocolate is no different. Jensen starts with retro Ovaltine chocolate malt powder, then adds single-origin Venezuelan milk chocolate, fresh-whipped cream and an inspired garnish of smoked Hawaiian sea salt ($5). "I thought the smoked Hawaiian sea salt was the perfect balance with the milk chocolate," Jensen says. We couldn't agree more. 4237 N. Mississippi Ave. at Mississippi Marketplace, opens at noon Thursday-Sunday; –source,

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