(OR) Hopworks Urban Brewery Has Gone Open-Source with Their Gigabit IPA

Portland, OR – It was brought to my attention by none other than Kerry Finsand (aka Taplister.com) that Ben and Christian have done the unthinkable with their beer, posted the recipe to the public.

Previously we made mention of this unique spin on acquiring some of Google’s free ‘fiber’ and the story just get’s better and better. As of April 20th, you can make your way to the Gigabit IPA’s Google’s Project page for the recipe.

“When Google invited America to get inspired by gigabit fiber technology, Portland’s innovative geek and brewer communities responded by creating a fresh and edgy organic beer to answer Google’s call. Portland Gigabit IPA offers a massive NW hop aroma, rich citrus and pine accents aggressively balanced with clear malt caramel flavor, and a deep, clean, satisfying finish.

We believe in the opportunity offered by gigabit fiber networks for Portland and for communities everywhere. We’re “opening the source code” so you can home brew a Gigabit IPA all your own. (It’s fiber-to-the-home, right?) Sam Adams • Mayor, City of Portland, Oregon” –source, Gigabit IPA, an open source IPA’s project page

But if you are too lazy to wander over to the project page we have included a graphic which shows all you need to know to make your Gigabit goodness.

image courtesy of Taplister.com

Congratulations on the the success of this beer guys, we look forward to trying it out when get done brewing some.

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Special Thanks to Kerry Finsand of Taplister.com.com infamy for bringing this update to our attention.


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