New York, NY - Today we discovered that several well known breweries we featured on the Today Show last Saturday (April 24th). Some were from the Midwest (Wisconsin's New Glarus), some from the East Coast (Delaware's Dogfish Head) and even California (Carlsbad's Lost Abbey), but it was Oregon's Hopworks Urban Brewery that got our eye. Featured on the Today Show was Hopworks' IPA and their recently bottled Ace of Spades Imperial IPA (a review was written on our site if you want more information). Check out the video below and see for yourself if there are any beers that you might enjoy (or already enjoy).

The only negative to take from the video (besides the lack of balance among the beer styles featured), was the liberal application of the word Microbrew, in association with all the breweries featured on the segment. Congrats to Hopworks for a little bit of national recognition.

Special Thanks to Lost Abbey's Blog for letting us know about their Carnivale that was also featured on the show.
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Also, please read Jay Brookston Brooks' Op-Ed regarding NBC's presentation of so called "microbrews".
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