image courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing Company Paso Robles, CA – The reaction from Breweries with beers available in the Northwest (brewed or otherwise) keep coming.

Last Saturday the World Beer Cup Awards were handed out after reviewing over 3000+ submissions. Besides individual brewery recognition based on beer style, the “Champion Brewery and Brewmaster” award is given to the brewery and brewer that personifies excellence. For third time (a feat unprecedented by any other brewery), Firestone Walker Brewing Company along with Brewmaster Matt Brynildson, were awarded this (Champion Brewery and Brewmaster) honor. All told this makes seven medals (including their 6 medals for their beers) for the brewery in Paso Robles.

Here is what they had to say about receiving this third time recognition.

“We were somewhat humbled receiving this award for a third time in a room of 2000 friends of the brewing community from around the world. Stuff like this is hard to plan for….we’re still stunned,” said Proprietor David Walker. “Kudos goes to the brew crew and our loyal fans who know it’s what we drink around here,” he added.”

The World Beer Cup is held every two years and is one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the world. Firestone Walker and Brynildson were also named Champion Brewery and Brewmaster at the 2004 & 2006 World Beer Cup. Firestone Walker’s champion awards fall under the broad and highly competitive category of Mid-Size Brewing Company, which includes breweries that produce anywhere between 15,000 barrels and 2 million barrels annually.

The 2010 World Beer Cup featured over 3,330 entries from 642 breweries in 44 countries. The judging panel included 179 brewers and beer experts from 26 countries. Judging is done “blind” so that judges do not know the identity of the beers or what breweries are entered into the competition.

image of Firestone Walker's Awards Winners courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing Company Firestone Walker Brewing Company earned a total of six medals at the 2010 World Beer Cup, including gold medals for its Firestone Pale 31 in the category of American-Style Pale Ale and Hefeweizen in the category of South German-Style Hefeweizen. Only one gold medal was awarded per category. The gold medal for Firestone Pale 31 follows a gold medal for the same beer at the 2004 & 2006 World Beer Cup.

“Craft Brewing is a zymurlogical team sport and this amazing accomplishment is a true testament, not only to the consistent artistry and skill that my co-workers put forth, but also the inspiring cohesion and balance that they have established and direct into our beers.  I couldn’t be more proud of our brewing team for bringing the WBC championship award back home to the Central Coast,” Brewmaster Matt Brynildson said. –source, David Walker owner of Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

About Firestone Walker

Founded in 1996 on California’s Central Coast, Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a regional brewery committed to quality, innovation and tradition. Firestone Walker Brewing Company remains the only American brewery to ferment beer in a union of oak barrels, a classic British brewing method that dates back to the mid 19th century. Firestone Walker Brewing Company was named “Mid-Size Brewing Company of The Year” at the 2007 and 2003 Great American Beer Festivals and “Champion Brewery” for the category of Mid-Size Brewing Company at the 2006 and 2004 World Beer Cups. –source, Firestone Walker Brewing

Congrats again guys!


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