image courtesy of Seattle Beer Week's websiteSeattle, WA - Although nothing substantive in the form of specifications have materialized (yet), we thought we would join the masses with a teaser photo of your SBW 2010 beer.

Announced on the 20th of January and brewed a few weeks after that, Hales’ Seattle Beer Week 2010 Double India Pale Ale is currently resting in the tanks, before it debut in April (bottles) with the draft tapped the first night of Seattle Beer Week.

More details obviously will be released, with this story updated as they come in. Congratulations guys on making progress towards what is sure to be another successful Seattle Beer Week.

About Seattle Beer Week

The Seattle Beer Collective consists of four like minded individuals passionate about beer and its community. We formed to bring the city together in celebration of Seattle's excellence for beer.

Mike Baker
Mike has been deeply involved with the Seattle beer community for over 10 years.  It started small with starting up a beer appreciation club that was dedicated to gaining knowledge of all beer styles from around the country and world as well as home-brewing.  This passion eventually led to the creation of a full fledge brewery.  Co-founding Baron Brewing of Seattle in 2003, Mike worked to help educate the German style of beers to the masses.  After 6 years of co-owning Baron new opportunities presented themselves and Mike sold his share of the brewery. [more] –source, Seattle Beer Week’s website

Nat Pellman
Nat currently works as a Bar Manager at Brouwer’s Café in Seattle. Nat’s obsession with craft beers began years ago in Vermont where he was able to enjoy fine local brews like Magic Hat, Long Trail & Catamount. Nat’s initiation into the Seattle craft beer scene was in 1997, when he landed himself a job as a Bar Back at The Big Time Brewery. As a restless East Coaster, Seattle’s beer alone was not enough to keep Nat from exploring more of the West Coast, so in 1998, Nat headed down to California for an 8 year stint at racing mountain bikes and waiting tables in Lake Tahoe.[more] –source, Seattle Beer Week’s website

Ian Roberts
Ian began his passion for fine libations over 15 years ago pouring beer at a pizza parlor in California’s East Bay Area. While continuing his love of beer and pizza throughout college in Santa Cruz Ian dabbled in the art of home brewing. In 2001, with degree in tow Ian moved to San Francisco and managed a Wine, Beer, and Liqour store for three years.
In 2005 Ian found a change of scenery by moving to Seattle.[more] –source, Seattle Beer Week’s website

Matt Younts
Matthew's love for beer started 12+ year's ago when he stumbled upon a bottle of Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout. After that experience, he was a changed man. He honed his beer knowledge while working as a tobacconist in Issaquah, Washington with his family. Matthew hosted many beer and cigar dinners in those years, immersing himself in the wonderful world of beer.[more] –source, Seattle Beer Week’s website