image of Oakshire Brewing's label courtesy of Oakshire Brewing's website

Eugene, OR - That's right another beer release notice for those of you seeking out the latest, liquid enjoyment in the region. This time around unlike previous beer notices, this one comes with a twist, a potential new style of beer.

Cascadian Dark Ale, or Black India Pale Ale to those who have scoured the shelves, is an India Pale Ale that is on the darker side. Unlike other beers that use dark malts to create that tinted look, these class of beers avoid the dark flavors that come with them (coffee, chocolate, roasty-ness, etc.), instead what you get is an India Pale Ale that continues to trick your eyes, like a mirage in the desert.

Here is what Oakshire had to say regarding their version of the recently federally approved (label) Oakshire O’Dark:30 Cascadian Dark Ale.

So we’re calling it A Cascadian Dark Ale. Yep, not scared. New nomenclature for a beer that’s has been made for a while.  Customer confusion? Maybe for a little while. But you’ll all eventually come over to the Dark Side, right?

And because I couldn’t upload a bigger graphic without covering the whole screen, I’ll tell you what the verbage is under the graphic:

“Dawn has not arrived, But we are awake-making beer. A tribute to Oregon’s brewers, O’Dark:30 is a beguiling blend of dark malt and NW hops-A beer style as unique as our heritage.”  -source, Oakshire Brewing

Look for this beer to be released on March 3rd, 2010 at the brewery and soon on the local shelves and bar tops.

March 3rd, 2010
O’Dark:30 Cascadian Dark Ale Release, Oakshire Brewing
1055 Madera Street Eugne, OR 97401 (541) 688-4555

March 10th, 2010 6:00 PM PST to 9:00 PM PST
O’Dark:30 Cascadian Dark Ale Tasting, Bier Stein
345 E 11th Ave Eugene, OR 97401-3211 (541) 485-2437


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