(WA) It’s Here ... Elliott Bay Barrel-aged Draft

image courtesy of Elliott Bay Brewery's blog Seattle, WA & Burien, WA - Every first of the month the brewers of Elliott Bay, like anxious children on Christmas open another barrel to reveal a beer that has been resting amongst the oak. For a limited time and based at which location you visit (Burien versus West Seattle) you can find "Brandy Barrel Brown from a Heaven Hill barrel" or "Syrah Porter" blended with "Chocolate Porter".

Brewer  Dan Ashley was kind enough to supply us with some beer geek information to whet your appetites. Note, on top of the information regarding the barrel-aged varieties, he was kind enough to supply us with the beers characteristics before going into the barrel.

  • Imperial Brown Specs: 7.6% ABV, 64 IBUs, OG 18.4 Plato, brewed with Dark Muscovado Sugar.
  • Brandy Brown: Imperial Brown aged for 8 months in a Heaven Hills Brandy Barrel
  • Baltic Porter: 6.3% ABV, 25 IBUs, OG 16.4 Plato
  • Syrah Porter: Baltic Porter aged 9 months in a Syrah Barrel from Delille Cellars
  • Chocolate Porter: 7% ABV, 27 IBUs, OG 17.4 Plato aged for 2 weeks on 8lbs of Theo Organic Chocolate Nibs. Blend of Syrah Porter and Chocolate Porter was about 50/50

Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub "West Seattle"
4720 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116 (206) 932-8695

Elliott Bay Brewery & Pub “Burien”
255 SW 152nd Street Burien, WA 98166 (206) 246-4211


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