(WA) Get it now … Big Al Brewing’s Belgian-style Tripel

image of owner and head brewer Alejandro Brown courtesy of Russ+'s Flickr page Seattle, WA - Word has gotten out that owner Alejandro Brown has decided that as of 2010, their Belgian-style Tripel, is the new Spring Seasonal. Featured last year around this time of the year, we asked Big Al himself for more information for those already salivating. Here is what he had to say about the beer.

The Big Al Brewing 2010 Tour of Belgium is a series of limited releases inspired by the beers of Belgium. Our third selection is based on a beer originated by the Trappist Monastary at Westmalle developed in the early 1930’s to compete with the new pale lager beers from Eastern Europe. Big Al Brewing Tripel is a pale golden Belgian-style Strong Ale featuring the warm spicy fl avors of Belgian yeast complimented by a crisp, light peppery-rye fi nish.

Malt = Belgian Pilsner & Aromatic, Flaked Oats,
Rye & Wheat, Cane Sugar
Hops = Columbus, Magnum
Yeast = Belgian Abbey yeast

Beer Geek Specs
O.G. - 18P/1.074
ABV - 9%
IBU - 35.8
SRM - 5.5

For more information regarding this beer, you should head out to the brewery and pick yourself up a pint (or possibly a growler).

About Big Al Brewing

image alejandro "big al" brown - president/head brewer - it all started for big al when he moved to seattle from los angeles and discovered the wonderful craft beers of this region. it wasn't long before homebrewing became an obsession. now that obsession has reached a whole new level and big al had to go and open his own microbrewery. [more] –source, Big Al Brewing’s website

Big Al Brewing
9832 14th Avenue S.W. Seattle, WA 98106 (206)453-4487

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