(WA) Whole Foods “Roosevelt” & Joel Klemenhagen produce another Sound Libation with special guest Pike Brewing 01/21

image courtesy of Whole Foods' website Seattle, WA – Those that live in Seattle and its outlying neighborhoods can attest to the glut of great beers that fill its streets. Chances are if you have been to a party, a bar, or festival you have had a chance to sample some utterly impressive brews from both Washington and the rest of the country. Common thought is that if someone truly wishes to find something gratifying you only need to head to a bottleshop (see Bottleworks, Beer Authority, Malt & Vine, or Full Throttle Bottles, among others). However, there are some grocery stores that lay in the shadows, often with surprises waiting to be discovered.

Whole Foods near North Seattle’s busy Roosevelt Avenue can be listed among those few grocery stores that carries a plethora of unbelievable and untouched craft beers. If you’veset foot in northeast corner of the store’s wine and beer department then you’ve no doubt met the impressive Joel Klemenhagen. Behind this almost 7 foot tall physique is a man who is more than willing to discuss the virtues of a Pike Entire while stocking the shelves with a Port Santa’s Little Helper or Cascade Kriek Ale.

Besides stocking the shelves and calling up breweries or distributors for the next supply of beer, he can be found in the demonstration room educating those willing to learn more about the compatibilities of beer and food. In the interest of starting anew we decided to draw attention to an event that is happening this months all revolving around Joel, beer, and good food.

Thursday, January 21st 6:00 PM PST to 9:00 PM PST
Sound Libations with Joel Klemenhagen and Pike Brewing
1026 Northeast 64th Street Seattle, WA 98115-6656 (206) 985-1500

Pike Place Brewing Company has given the Emerald City unique, delicious brews since they opened their doors in 1989. Family owned and operated, this brewery has set the standard for Seattle craft brewing. Each ale, Naughty Nellie, Pike Pale, IPA, Kilt Lifter, Tandem, Monk's Uncle, & XXXXX Stout, will be carefully paired with a chef-inspired meal and dessert.

Every 3rd Thursday, our in-house beer specialist invites a local brewer into our kitchen to pour their best.  These carefully crafted brews are perfectly paired with a chef inspired multi-course meal. Join us for good conversation, beer and culinary education and of course, libations.

Join us for beer tastes, culinary education tidbits, brewery prizes and good conversation.


  • February 18th, 2009 6:00 PM PST to 9:00 PM PST
    Brewery to be Determined, $35 per person 21 and over with valid I.D.


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