(WA) UPDATE: Washington Brewer’s Commission Belgianfest Draft List

image Seattle, WA – With the new year comes new possibilities and an update to the Belgianfest. Arriving in my inbox back on the 31st (of December) was the update that we were waiting for. Here is the list of proposed beers that will be feature at this year’s festival.

Anacortes Brewery

  • Anacortes Sour Brown (Belgian Sour)
  • Anacortes Belgian (Belgian Dubble?)

Baron Brewing Co.

  • TBA

Big Al Brewing

  • Local Hero #6- Saison (Saison)
  • Watermelon Sour (Sour beer)

Big Time Brewery

  • Malaprop 8 (Belgian Abbey)

Black Raven Brewing Co.

  • Pour les Oiseaux (Wine Barrel Aged Saison)

Boundary Bay Brewery

  • BoundaryBay Tripel (Belgian Tripel)

Diamond Knot Brewing Co.

  • TBA

Dick's Brewing Co.

  • Silk Lady (Belgian Pale Ale)
  • Tripel (Belgian Tripel)
  • Grand Cru (Grand Cru)

Elliott Bay Brewing Co.

  • Blended Brett Beer (Blonde & Red Brett)
  • Hop von Boorian (Belgian IPA)
  • Gulden von Boorian
  • Cask Red von Boorian (Tart Belgian Red Ale)

Elysian Brewing Co.

  • Bete Noel (Belgian Strong Ale)
  • Name TBA (Saison Farmhouse Ale)
  • Toro Oro Mate Tripel (Trippel w/Yerba Mate)

Fremont Brewing Co.

  • Solstice Saison (Saison)
  • Sideshow Saison (Saison)

Georgetown Brewing Co.

  • Donkey Deux (Belgian Dubbel)

Hale's Ales Brewery

  • Hale's "25" Belgian Dubbel (Belgian Dubbel)
  • Hale's Saison (Saison)

Issaquah Brewhouse

  • Menage A Frog (Belgian Tripel)
  • White Frog (Belgian Wit)
  • Polywog Grand Cru (Grand Cru)

Naked City Brewery

  • Une Terreur (Belgian Golden)

Pike Brewing Co.

  • Pike Monk's Uncle (Belgian Tripel)
  • Pike Tandem (Belgian Double)
  • Pike Tripel Kreik (Belgian Tripel Kreik)

Port Townsend Brewing Co.

  • Belgian Dark Rye (Belgian Dark Strong Ale)

Ram Restaurant & Brewery

  • TBA
  • TBA

Redhook Ale Brewery

  • Belgian Tripel (Belgian Tripel)
  • Raspberry Dubbel (Dubbel)

Salmon Creek Brewery

  • Brother Larry's (Belgian Dubbel)

Scuttlebutt Brewing Co.

  • 777 '07 (1st session) (Belgian Tripel)
  • 777 '09 (2nd session) (Belgian Tripel)

Skagit River Brewery

  • TBA

Snipes Mountain Brewery

  • Dark Matter (Blended Sour Red)

Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co.

  • Spring Fever 2010 (Grand Cru)
  • Spring Fever 2009 (Grand Cru)
  • Dubbel Dubbel Toil & Trouble (Belgian Dubbel)

Two Beers Brewing

  • Crooked Belgian Wit (Belgian Wit)
  • Cask Dry Peeled Crooked Belgian Wit (Belgian Wit)

For more information read the post or go to the website and learn more about the Belgianfest.

(WA) Washington Brewer’s Commission Belgianfest 01/23


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