(WA) Polls: Who Produces The Best Washington Winter Beer? A Mea Culpa & another Poll.

During our recent poll, we asked you who you felt had the best winter beer, in Washington state. You looked over the breweries and made your decision, we hope without much hesitation. Some of you, no doubt out of curiosity, noticed a brewery’s absence from the list. The missing and well known brewery was in fact, Diamond Knot Brewing.

Why or how did this happen that they were left off the list, when everyone has had their Ho Ho? That answer was regrettably simple, a clerical error was made that was complicated by an inability to edit the poll once it was started. After the mistake and the ensuing results we realized some questions were going to be asked. Based on the results we started asking ourselves, how would DK fare if they were among the options?

So instead of restarting our poll for you to vote for Diamond Knot, we have come up with a suitable
“punishment”. You get to help us pick which case of DK beer we will purchase and drink till its gone.

This new poll, however short it might be, will help us choose the right beer for the mea culpa. Mind you this is a good kind of punishment and we will be happy to take a photo of our new “chore” once we pick it up.

Happy Voting


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