(WA) Brouwer's Cafe presents Blind Lion Scotch Night 01/16

image courtesy of Brouwer's Cafe Blind Lion Scotch Night page

Seattle, WA – This is your notice that on the 16th of January Brouwer’s will be doing the unthinkable, they are closing their doors for a private party. Unlike their previous instance of this (see, Closed for Employee Christmas party) you will be part of this private event.

Dubbed Blind Lion Scotch Night., the event benefits the Seattle Police Foundation through partial donation from each ticket sale. Featured at this event will be over 50 different Scotches, distillery reps to answer your questions, a cigar rolling demonstration, and a complimentary cigar. While you are sipping on your barrel aged spirit you might also enjoy the dinner buffet, which will be prepared by the Cafe’s kitchen staff.

As an added perk to all of this, since this event is closed to the public, you can rest assured you will be able to enjoy that complimentary cigar (as well as a few others available for purchase) while discussing the virtues of Laphroaig versus Glenlivet. The whole thing gets started at 6:30 PM with a tasting from 7:00 PM to 9:00 during the 8:00 PM buffet. The evening will conclude with cigars from 9:00 PM to close (2:00 AM). Total cost for this whole fun filled evening is a small $100.

For more information call or contact Ian Roberts at Brouwer’s Cafe.

January 16th, 2010
Blind Lion Scotch Night, Brouwer’s Cafe

Brouwer's Cafe 400 North 35th Street Seattle WA 98103


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