(US) It's Here ... Chatoe Rogue Dirtoir Black Lager

image courtesy of Rogue Ales Newport, OR - Originally announced on the 6th of November (2009), Dirtoir is second in the Chatoe Rogue series of 'homegrown' brews. It was only last year that Rogue produced Sequential Ale, which was created entirely from ingredients grown in Oregon. Much like their first release (, this ale is comprised completely from their own Department of Agriculture Hopyard and Barley Bench.

Dirtoir Black Lager and the brews to follow all are GYO Certified, First Growth, Appellation products made with hops and malt from our Department of Agriculture’s Hop Yard and Barley Bench. Rogue Brewmaster John Maier describes CHATOE ROGUE DIRTOIR BLACK LAGER as “jet black in color with a tan head, medium to full bodied, deftly balanced, seamless dark roasted malt flavors with a smooth bitterness and a lingering long finish.” Dirtoir Black Lager is brewed using 9 ingredients: Melanoidin, Carafe Special II, Black, Chocolate and Rogue Micro Barley Farm RiskTM malts, Rogue Micro Hop Yard Independent and Revolution Hops, German Yeast and Free Range Coastal Water. Dirtoir Black Lager is: 150 Plato, 35 International Bitter Units, 130 Apparent Attenuation, 750 Lovibond. –source, Rogue’s Wire Service

Dirtoir much like the previous Chatoe release is a limited run, but will be followed by additional Chatoe Rogue beers (Pinot Envy Ale, Single Malt Ale, and OREgasmic Ale). Look for this beer on the shelves starting this week and as always if you can’t find it at your favorite grocery store or bottle shop, ask them to order a case.

About Rogue Ales

Celebrating its second century, Rogue Ales is an Artisan Varietal Brewery founded in Oregon in 1988, as one of America’s first 50 microbreweries. Rogue has 640+ awards for taste and quality and is available nationally and in 27 countries. –source, Rogue’s Wire Service


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