(OR) Block 15 brews an Imperial Stout for release in 11/11/11

image of Block 15's Pub entrance courtesy of dineout462's Flickr page Portland, OR - While reading through the various brewery news we came across this write up from Block 15.

An American brewpub invites Russian & Belgian brewers and a master Bourbon distiller from Kentucky. The Russian brewer brings his recipe of an Imperial Stout; the Belgian brewer contributes a yeast strain from the Ardennes Mountains and beet candi sugar; the Distiller offers some fresh emptied bourbon barrels. The American brewer supplies NW grown hops and his small craft brewpub to concoct this ground breaking ale. Into the mash tun goes the largest amount of grain used to date: over 700 pounds of Belgian Pilsner malts, 2-row, Chocolate malt, Roasted Barely, and caramel malt.

The hot mash warms the brewery, almost overflowing from the tun. Gently, the coal black wort is drawn from the mash tun, filling the kettle with an amazingly intense & sweet liquid. As the wort boils, additions of Dark and Clear Candi sugars are added, intensifying the sweetness and adding even more complexities to the wort. A decent helping of Northwest hops balance the massive wort, brining the brew into equilibrium. After the boil, the cooled wort transfers down to a fermenter where a large pitch of Ardennes yeast anxiously awaits this huge meal.

image of Block 15's Brewery courtesy of dineout462's Flickr page Over the next two weeks this yeast converts the large amounts of sugar to alcohol, transforming the sweetness into an amazing ale. The unique yeast strain also lends great character to the beer: aromas of plum & fig with a touch of clove. After fermentation the beer is transferred to the bourbon barrels. Over the next 5-6 months the barrel staves breathe in and out the wonderful beer; transferring the characters of bourbon & oak along with it. And now, we must practice patience, as this beer only is fully developed after another year of aging.

The story is fiction, though the beer is very real. “Imagine” a 15% Bourbon Barrel aged Belgian Imperial Stout…close your eyes and imagine that. Brewed 1/22/2010, Release Date 11/11/11 –source, Block 15’s blog

Admittedly this beer sounds exciting given its origins and if its anything compared to their other beers, this will definitely warm the soul stomach, when its released.

Block 15 Brewery & Public House
300 Southwest Jefferson Avenue Corvallis, OR 97333 (541) 758-2077


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