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image of Deschutes Brewery's original location in Bend, OR courtesy of pete4ducks' Flickr page Bend, OR – Word has traveled that after ten years of waiting, a beer not seen since 2000 will be released to the market but in a limited supply. Jubel 2010 (or Super Jubel) is Deschutes’ version of an Eis’ (or Ice) beer, that was first discovered after finding a full keg of beer resting outside the brewery. Mind you this is in no relation to those fad ‘Ice’ beers of the 90’s. As the story goes a burglar once night broke into the brewery and attempted to steal a keg of Jubelale, but left it behind when they realized the weight.

He dropped it outside to freeze in the season’s sub-zero temperatures - only to be discovered the next morning by Gary Fish, Deschutes Brewery owner. More than half the liquid in the keg had frozen and the remaining beer was a very cold, highly concentrated “Jubelale on steroids.” It was so good that the brewers set about recreating it, coming up with an annual “Super Jubel” that is aged in Oregon oak pinot barrels. –source, Deschutes Brewery

Described by the brewery as their first NEW beer of the decade, this beer will remind you why you enjoyed Jubelale during the holidays, and why you will want to store away a few of these for the years to come.

Jubel 2010 is a deeply dynamic presentation of the flavors found in its festive winter seasonal, Jubelale.  Available on tap around the holidays at its pubs as “Super Jubel,” February 2010 marks only the second time the Brewery has ever bottled this immortal libation. The first and only other time this special brew was bottled was to celebrate the new millennium as Jubel 2000. –source, Deschutes Brewery

image of the proposed label design courtesy of The Full Pint, please visit their site. Beer Geek Information:

  • 10% Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
  • 55 International Bittering Units (IBUs)
  • Serving Temperature: 50-55 degrees F
  • Glassware: Snifter or Goblet
  • Drink one now and cellar one to enjoy a year from now.

Look for this beer to found in select grocery stores, bottleshops, alehouses, and restaurants. As always if you can’t find it at your local watering hole or grocer, ask for it by name.

About Deschutes Brewery

Located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Deschutes Brewery is in the business of daring people to expect more from their beer. That's why we started off in 1988, on the banks of the Deschutes River here in Bend, Oregon, by selling Black Butte Porter at a time when others were sure a dark beer would never catch on. Our brewers love to push the envelope, especially if it makes someone nervous.  But for us, the highest praise is a raised glass and a toast of "Bravely Done!"  For more information about Deschutes Brewery and its courageously crafted beers, please visit www.DeschutesBrewery.com.

Deschutes Brewery & Public House "Portland"
210 Northwest 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 (503) 296-4906

Deschutes Brewery & Public House "Bond Street"
NW Bond St, Bend, Deschutes, OR 97701 (541) 382-9242‎

Deschutes Brewery & Public House "Simpson Avenue"
901 Southwest Simpson Avenue, Bend, OR 97702-3118 (541) 385-8606‎

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About this photo’s author
Pete “pete4ducks” Liedtke is an amateur photographer who is passionate about his family, travel, University of Oregon athletics and supporting sustainable local businesses such as the craft beer industry. He and his wife have visited almost every brewery in the state of Oregon and they look forward to checking out the many new craft breweries that are popping up around the state.

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