Happy Birthday, Craft Beer Drinker & Writer Geoff Kaiser

image from Geoff's own Flickr page Today is another day to most of you, it’s Saturday and no doubt you have either succeeded or failed at sleeping in. For others this is a day of reflection, a reflection on another year on this global warmed glob called Earth.

Geoff Kaiser, is one of these such people who ponders what he will do as a celebration for waking up another day and another year. Those of us that know Geoff, remember him fondly as a man who always seems to smile with a beer in his hand. The other side of Geoff is less obvious, to those that only see him at a festival or nearby bar. When Geoff isn’t writing or drinking a beer he often spews the virtues of his (Purdue University) Boilermakers or (Chicago) Cubs, the same way a fisherman discusses that one that got away. So it is with my sincerest thoughts and congratulations that I tell him, Happy Birthday.

If you see this man on the street or at a bar, buy him a beer, share a toast, and wish him a happy birthday.

Or if you like I included his two blogs that he writes on.

Seattle Beer News

Seattle P-I’s What’s on Tap


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