A Week of Winter Fun, Part Two - Barrel of Fun

Seattle, WA - Year #3 is upon the hapless city of Seattle and with it comes the prospect of post-Thursday hangovers, nausea, and of course desire for more oak-soaked beers next year. Seven years and some 13 or so festivals later, Brouwer's Cafe is alive again with the waft of oaked, 'bourbony', beers. Much like its other well known festivals (Hard Liver and Hopfest) this year is sure to be a standing room only event.

image Previously a mention was made about this event (opened their doors at 11:00 AM) and the vast beverage list. Without going into too much detail regarding what you should or shouldn't have let me instead offer you a quick list of what I will be drinking while hopefully seated.

  • Alvinne (one of these)
    • Oak Aged Balthazar
    • Oak Aged Podge
  • Big Sky (this for sure)
    • Ivan the Terrible
  • Cantillon (one of these)
    • Classic Geuze
    • Framboise 06
    • Kriek 0
    • Lou Pepe Kriek 0
    • St. Lamvinus
    • Vignero
  • Flyers
    • Laphroaig Chipped BW 8
  • Fremont
    • Bourbon Barrel Aged Barrel Dry Hopped Abominable
  • Hair of the Dog
    • Michael Flemish Red in Wood Firkin
  • Hales
    • Oak Aged Dubbel
  • Oude Beersel
    • 3yr lambi
  • Port Brewing (#2 on the Imagination Series Beers)
    • Brouwer's Imagination
  • Port Townsend
    • Oak Aged Imperial Porter
  • Russian River (gonna have to resist the urge and just have one)
    • Consecration
    • Temptation
  • Schooner Exact
    • Hoppy The Woodsman

Big Wood runs through-out today and into the weekend. If you can’t make it tonight don’t feel bad ad a majority of the beers will be on draft tomorrow.


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