(WA) Yakima Craft Good Monkey & Bad Monkey together again.

Yakima, WA – Yakima is a region long known for their bountiful hops (over 75% of the nations hops come from the area) and during the start of the 80’s until early 2000 it was the home of Washington’s first microbrewery. Today the only remnants of the once famous brewery and pub are resting in the capable hands of Jeff Winn and Chris Swedin. Only in operation for over a year the brewery has already received accolades from as far East as Massachusetts from Beer Advocate Magazine.


Throughout the year you are guaranteed to find one of their ‘annual’ releases and during certain times of the year, a ‘seasonal beer’ is produced. Just recently (November 23rd) they produced a Belgian-style Dark Ale with an essence of bananas aptly titled Bad Monkey.
Beer Geek Specs
SRM:     16.4
IBU:       32
ABV:      8.21%
OG:        1.074 (17.97 Plato)
FG:         1.012 (3.07 Plato)
Officially, a “Belgian-style Dark Ale”.  Made with spices; Cardamom and Grains of Paradise.  Spicy, little alcohol warmth, a touch sweet.  Rounded this year, not too dry.  Brewed every Winter, along with Good Monkey.

imageFollowing with the release of this (Bad Monkey) Dark Ale, Jeff and Chris have produced the Yin to Bad Monkey’s Yang (or the other way around) with Good Monkey.
Good Monkey is a Belgian-style golden ale that tastes of pepper, banana and a pleasant warmth.
Beer Geek Specs.
ABV: 8.74%
Est. IBU: 32
OG (Plato): 1.074 (17.97)
FG (Plato): 1.008 (2.05)
Est. SRM: 5

Look for both of these to be available at local Yakima grocers along with their annual beers (such as their India Pale Ale or 1982 Amber Ale).


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