image courtesy of SudsyMaggie's Flickr page Seattle, WA - Recently I discovered a listing on the Three Pubs' website for Big Time Dark Days India Pale Ale. Previously released at Big Time's Anniversary party last Thursday, this beer received a great deal of glowing approval from those that had a pint (or two). It seems that those that missed out on the cask version of this beer will get a chance to try it on draft at the LaTona Pub, this coming Monday (December 21st).

… brewed with three different types of dark malt, dark crystal, and loads of Columbus and Centennial hops. –source, Big Time’s head brewer Bill Jenkins

Described as the Winter Beer Series, the pending brewery nights are another thank you to Bob Brenlin and his three pubs’ (LaTona, Fiddler's Inn, and Hopvine) continued support of the regional brewing scene. Look for Big Time's Dark Days IPA and a special keg of Malaprop 8 to kick things off, starting at around 8:00 PM. On top of Big Time beers and a bevy of brewer’s there will also be Big Time merchandise (shirts, pint glasses, etc.) dispatched throughout the night.

If you can’t make the first brewer’s night in the Winter Beer Series there will be more as Elysian, Rogue, and Pike have also agreed to provide exclusive beers to Latona, Fiddler’s, and Hopvine. The whole thing will run throughout the Winter Solstice and conclude on the Spring Equinox. And don’t forget that each Winter Beer Series beer will be available at all three pubs As each event get’s close we will post another notice.

December 21st, 2009 8:00’ish
Winter Beer Series Night w/Big Time, LaTona Pub
6423 Latona Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA 98115 (206) 525-2238


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