(WA) Brouwer’s Cafe + Emerald Sprints = Tequila Sprints

image Seattle, WA – Most of us will never know the thrill of riding our bikes around the city, weaving in and out of traffic (obeying the rules of the road of course). The only time that any of us come close to riding a bike is more than likely the gym than the local Avenue. Enter the Emerald Sprints, the best of both worlds, a fixed position road bike with a twist. The rules are simple, each of you get on a bike and from the word go you pedal your butt off until a reader board in the background indicates the winner.

image December 16th, Brouwer’s Cafe is teaming with Emerald Sprints to have a bike off. In case you aren’t familiar we have provided a link to their site. The idea makes perfect sense for Brouwer’s since both the General Manager (Ian Roberts) and the Bar Manager (Nat Pellman) cycle around town before and after work. Registration with a chance to win over $100 in schwag is free and starts at 10:00 PM. Those of us with less enthusiasm to participate in this two wheeled event are welcome to stop in and watch while sipping on some discounted Cazadores Tequilla or New Belgium brew.

December 16th, 2009 10:00 PM PST
Heavy Metal Tequila Sprints, Brouwer’s Cafe
400 N. 35th Street Seattle WA 98107 (206) 267-2437


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