(OR) Upright Brewing Old Ale & Goes release 01/10/2010

image courtesy of Upright Brewing's journal Portland, OR – With everything new in the coming year it was definitely worth mentioning that a small brewery in PDX will be releasing two great beers. Sunday January 10th, Alex Ganum and Gerritt Ill will release their Bill the Mountain English-style Old Ale and Gose an homage to this forgotten German-style of beer.

When Upright was finally ready to brew in March we had everything but the house yeast (still an extra week or so out) and couldn't wait to get going, so we snagged an English ale yeast from another local brewer to produce something neither Gerritt or I had ever made. Old Ale is an interesting style that has really deep flavors along with complex and alluring aromas. They are great to drink slowly and savor yet can be unusually drinkable thanks to a small amount of brettanomyces yeast that ferments much of the otherwise residual sugar. In producing ours we used a mix of two different domestic base malts and three English caramel malts. A pinch of black barley gives it extra color. Hopping is moderate, roughly 40 ibu's and with a pound per barrel of Mt.Angel grown tettnanger hops for flavor. The beer spent five months in used Pinot noir barrels and has been bottled and cellared at the brewery for about four months now. The finished beer is ready but will surely continue to evolve for some time to come as the brettanomyces continues to transform the existing aromas and flavors. –source, Upright Brewing’s journal

The Gose is Upright's first German-style brew. … It's a fun beer that has remarkable quenching qualities and goes great with so many foods. –source, Upright Brewing’s journal

Arrive early since at 55 cases of Billy the Mountain and 100 cases of Gose, they will go fast. Also while picking up your bottles check out the draft versions of both the beers released, as well as a few surprises. Featured during the release will also be assortment of meats (charcuterie, terrines, rillettes, and others) that the owners will best pair with both beers.

If you are curious about the Gose style of craft beer making, check out Angelo’s write up over at Brewpublic.com.

January 10th, 2009 1:00 PM PST to 6:00 PM PST
Upright Brewing

240 North Broadway Portland, OR (503) 735-5337


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