(OR) Green Dragon Export India Porter Release, 12/30

image courtesy of pjcoleman's Flickr page Portland, OR – Many of you are no doubt still suffering from the freak snow storm that hit the area, but maybe you can muster one visit for a rare pint. Maintaining their “one and done” policy of pouring beers the Green Dragon will be pouring another in the hopefully infinite list of limited releases. This time around they are looking to the dark side of beer with the release of Export India Porter.

Inspired by a 19th Century export Porter recipe, this is the first beer brewed by William “Bill” Schneller, past Oregon Brew Crew President and current BJCP Class Administrator on the Green Dragon’s 1 Barrel Nano brewing system. Export India Porter is made with 4 malts: Brown, Golden Promise, Maris Otter and Black Patent. Here are the numbers: IBU’s, 29 Degrees Lovibond and 18.8 Degrees Plato Original Gravity. –source, Oregon Brewer’s Guild

As with previous releases from their small brewery, this beer is limited to approximately 125+ pints and when its gone chances are it won’t be back.

December 30th, 2009 5:00 PM
Export India Porter Release, Green Dragon Pub
928 SE 9th Avenue Portland, OR (503) 517-0606‎


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