(NW) Firestone Walker Anniversary XIII gets an A

image Released every year, the Firestone Walker Anniversary Ale is one of their most sought after beer releases. Every year the brewery collaborates with each other to release a one of a kind beer that people will talk about until the following year. Starting in 2006 the brewery introduced blended ales into their anniversary collection. This year's release is their lucky thirteenth and much like the previous ones does not disappoint.

In order to enjoy this beer properly one should remove it from the refrigerator (or chill it down) to a slightly warm 55 degrees Fahrenheit. After a short while the wax covered top is removed revealing the crown which after a small bit of force pops off and allows some of the gas to release

FW 13 produces a dark, strong khaki head that recedes leaving a strong but tattered curtain of lace behind. As this floats above the surface one cannot help but get sucked into the darkness underneath. The aroma of vanilla, coconut, licorice, spiced chocolate, raisins, and subtle burnt caramel comes to mind as the glass is swirled around. Taking a sip you immediately are greeted by bourbon, powdered chocolate that goes down producing a mild alcoholic burn.

Overall 9.0 / 10 (4.5 / 5) A

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Beer Geek Data

  • 39% of final blend:
    Parabola (13% ABV) - aged in bourbon barrels
    -Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout (brewed 04-30-09 and 09-17-09)
    OG = 28P FG = 7.5P IBU = 80 Color = Black
    Hopped with Simcoe, Bravo, Styrian Golding and East Kent Golding
  • 24% of final blend:
    Bravo (11% ABV) - 2 barrel varieties- bourbon (50%), brandy (50%)  
    -Imperial Brown Ale (brewed 2-10-09)
    OG = 22P FG = 4.8P IBU = 35 Color = 32
    Hopped 100% with U.S. grown Fuggles
  • 15% of final blend:
    Velvet Merkin (6% ABV) - aged in bourbon barrels
    -Traditional Oatmeal Stout (brewed 10-02-08)
    OG = 15P FG = 5.5P IBU = 32.5 Color = Black / 15% Oats
    Hopped with 100% U.S. grown Fuggles
  • 6% of final blend:
    Double Double Barrel Ale (10.9% ABV) - aged 100% in retired FW union barrels
    -Double English Pale Ale (brewed 12-03-08)
    OG = 24.0P FG = 5.8P IBU = 30 Color = 16
    A double version of our flagship created by Cellar Master, Ali Razi
  • 6% of final blend:
    Rufus (11% ABV) - aged in rye barrels
    -Continental Imperial Amber Ale (brewed 8-17-07)
    OG = 22.5P FG = 4.5P IBU = 40 Color = 15
    Brewed with Belgian dark candi syrup, hopped with Styrian Goldings and Saaz
  • 6% of final blend:
    Opal (11% ABV) - aged in rye barrels
    -Wheat Wine (brewed 2-25-08)
    OG = 22.4P FG = 6.2P IBU = 45 Color = 17
    Brewed with torrified and malted wheat, lightly hopped with Saaz
  • 4% of final blend:
    Saucerful of Secrets (9% ABV) - aged in bourbon barrels
    -Belgian Strong Ale (brewed 10-30-07)
    OG = 23.4P FG = 6.1P IBU = 25 Color = 39
    Brewed with Belgian dark candi sugar and everything else but the kitchen sink

*this beer was released in limited quantities on the 16th of November.


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