(NW) Coming Soon (Again), Fish 10² (Squared) Anniversary Ale

image courtesy of Fish Brewing's Brewer's Notebook blog Olympia, WA – Originally released to commemorate their 10 years of success (brewing since 1993) this barrel aged 100 IBU titan is coming around the bend for another look. Since 2003 this beer has made an annual appearance and received many appreciative nods from fans and critics alike.
It began as a one-off ale commemorating our tenth anniversary. Public demand turned it into an annual event in Craft Brewing. Ten varieties of hops. One hundred IBU’s. Smooth. Look sharp-Here comes 10 Squared! –source, Fish Brewing’s Brewer’s Notebook
More details will be listed here as information pours out (release date, quantities, etc.) so stayed tuned.

Here is what critics and fans had to say regarding this annual beer.
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