(WA) Flyer’s Fourth Anniversary is on November 18th

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UPDATE: In the interest of keeping it current there are some updates some of the interview responses. Tony (Savoy) was kind enough to offer updates as well as the current plan for the Anniversary.

For more information on the history and details regarding their Anniversary, read the story below.

Oak Harbor, WA – This was spotted on Flyer’s Restaurant and Brewery (or vice versa if you’re only in it for the beer) ‘Facebook Fan’ page. Wednesday the 18th of November Jason, Tony, and the rest of the crew will be celebrating four years of supporting community with good beer and good food

“Hey so November 18th is our Birthday here at Flyers and we will be celebrating Wednesday the 18th thru Saturday the 21st. we will have Beer and food specials , live music and the grand finale (the 21st) we will be hosting a very special nite with Deschutes Brewery. Draft lineup includes 06,07,08 Abyss, Black Butte XX, XXI, 08 Dissadent, Nitro Juble, Red Chair, Hop Trip more details later...” –source, Flyer’s Restaurant and Brewery” –source, Flyer’s Restaurant and Brewery Facebook fan page.

Around 2007 a drive was made to interview not only Head Brewer Tony Savoy but also learn more about the restaurant and brewery. Here is what was said.

Where does the name Flyer's originate?
TS: The name itself is an homage to Jason's (co-owner and manager of the restaurant operations) family heritage in aviation. If you look around the place you will see pictures that are in fact photographs of some of his family."

How would you classify the atmosphere at Flyer's?
TS: I would classify this place as something for everyone. We have well drinks, right alongside our tap handles. Also, we support the brewing industry by offering not only domestics & imports like Guinness, but also local offerings, such as Hale's Ales. Which was featured at a brewer's night event just recently (circa 2007). I also feel that if I run out of my stuff that its comforting to know that people have a choice.

Does the staff offer food pairing suggestions with their meals or this is still a relatively new concept with the age of the restaurant?
TS: I would have to say that we always welcome suggestions to the customer, and encourage the staff to learn more about matching the many beers that are offered in collaboration with their meals. With an experienced chef I know that we would feel more comfortable offering suggestions. However, the operation is still relatively new and we have had to put this on hold till we can finish the higher priority "to do" items.

Which would you say you focus on in regards to beer, ales or lagers? Is the reason more financial or personal preference?
TS: We currently offer one lager, during the summertime (Catalina California Common¹). Overall, we offer multiple ale selections. Unfortunately I can't change this right now, due capacity of the breweries, four³ brewing tanks. Our current annual release is around 7004 barrels.

Posing the question, what would you say is your favorite of the beers that you make?
TS: I would have to say that I prefer drinking my porter or brown ale, since they are contain low amounts of alcohol. But, I also like the Pilsner that we have on top right now (Georgetown Brewing's Roger's Pilsner), and I like to rotate a pilsner at all times to offer a variety for people. The other factor I have to consider is that we have a loyal IPA (India Pale Ale) crowd, and its hard to keep the Afterburner IPA on tap, and if we do blow the keg, I will always put someone else's IPA on tap, if we run out of mine.

What is the current line up of Annual release beers?
TS: Right now what I currently offer is the Hefeweizen, Amber, Red, Porter, Brown, & India Pale Ale.

What if any does the business commit to in the ways of charities or events?
TS: We like to offer assistance to multiple charity events when we can. Recently (2007) we offered Gift Certificates to the restaurant that were auctioned off and proceeds going to the families of the Naval EOD unit. I think that also because we are a relatively younger group of owners, we like to give more to the community.

Would you consider yourself pretty open to offering advice to home brewer's and aspiring brewers alike?
TS: I would have to say that I am always open to offering tips to people on the brewing process. I would have to say that there are times I make phone calls to the local home brewer clubs whenever I have yeast cultures from the brewery.

Current Schedule

On the 18th Flyer’s will be putting on Co-Pilot Stout (brewed as part of the Pro-Am for GABF), their PBY Pale Ale along with vintage Bottleworks VIII 140 Schilling Strong Scotch Ale (both original batch for Bottleworks and Laphroaig Oak Aged) and their Sick Duck Imperial Stout.

Saturday the 21st Deschutes Brewing comes into town with three years of Abyss (potentially four years pending arrival of the 2009 version), Dissident, and a few other surprises.

If you plan on visiting Saturday it might be best to either take public transit (taxi, bus, or designated driver) or find a hotel nearby since the average ABV of The Abyss alone is around 11.00%. 


Flyer’s Restaurant and Brewery [website] [facebook]
32295 SR 20 Oak Harbor, WA 98277

¹, currently unavailable due to over popularity of their regular beer lineup.
², no longer produced.
³, previously only three tanks existed.
4, previous number 250 bbl in 2007

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