Hood River, OR – Just posted on their website (and confirming the chalkboard write-up at Naked City) Double Mountain is coming to the Puget Sound.

“Well, it’s happening, our little brand is growin’ up. Last week saw the maiden voyage of IRA, Hop Lava, Fa La La, etc., up to the Puget Sound market, delivered to six superbad (i.e., awesome) accounts. We’re basically dipping our little toe in the big sea that is our neighbor to the north, planting seeds (yes I’m mixing metaphors again) in the best places in advance of widespread distribution there.”

image courtesy of NextStop.com Alehouses that will be featured Double Mtn. Beers are …

  • Beveridge Place Pub
  • Brouwer’s Cafe
  • Dray Tavern
  • Latona Pub
  • Naked City Taphouse
  • Red Hot Tavern

Also, if you have a fascination with meeting the owners and brewer’s of Double Mountain then you only have to head over to Naked City Taphouse (and Brewery) on the 15th. Look for Matt & Charlie to make an appearance with not only their beers but also some giveaways. Welcome to the neighborhood guys and here’s to enjoying more Northwest beer.


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