(WA) Brouwer’s Matt Bonney Guest Bartender, 11/09

Seattle, WAMatt Bonney featured on the left - Have you ever looked across the bar while you are seated comfortably sipping on your pint and thought “man I can do his job”? Or have you ever just thought to yourself as you saw that bartender just standing around “I would do things differently if I was in charge”? Matt Bonney is one of those men that’s expressed those sentiments publicly, in his own bar.


image Co-Owner of nationally recognized bottleshop Bottleworks and the Brouwer’s Cafe, Matt Bonney has spoken of how often he could do a better job than his bartending staff. This Monday (yes a Monday) the 9th, you can finally utter those words you’ve wanted to for many years, “hey Bonney fetch me a beer"!

“Over the years our beloved Operations Manager, Matt Bonney, has always made it very clear to the staff that he could do anyone's job here. Well this coming monday it's time to put up or shut up for Bonney.

Bonney is taking over the bar from 5pm to midnight to prove he is a true Publican... or not.

Join Matt and the rest of the crew at Brouwer’s Cafe from 5:00 PM PST to Midnight as to prove to him once and for all that it’s hard work being a bartender.” –source, Brouwer’s Cafe ‘blog’


Guest Bartender Matt Bonney, Brouwer’s Cafe
400 N. 35th Street Seattle WA 98107 (206) 267-2437

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