(NW) Who Supports Local Beer More?

Thanksgiving will soon be here for those of us in the United States so with theme of togetherness I thought another poll should be in order. This month’s poll centers not on your favorite beer, pub, or brewery but instead your support. So get that index finger warmed up and make your choice. Idaho if I missed the major organization that best demonstrates your local support of craft beer in the state, please email me.

Not a member of the two major organizations or wish to support local beer? Here is some helpful information.

”… SNOBs (Supporters of Native Oregon Beer) are an integral link in what we like to call the “beer chain” that connects suppliers, brewers, retailers and consumers.” –source, Oregon Brewers Guild’s S.N.O.B. information page.

”WABL is a community of Washington Beer Lovers celebrating the fresh, local, award-winning microbrews produced in our state.” –source, Washington Beer Commission’s W.A.B.L. information page

An example of local Idaho support

High Desert Brewers Association
”The High Desert Brewers Association is an Idaho Falls based beer and homebrew club dedicated to the appreciation of good beer. The club has been in existence since January 1995.”-source, High Desert Brewers Association’s front page.

Results will be posted after the polls close November 30th at midnight.


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