Bellingham, WA - Anyone in Seattle who has lived here for the past couple of years has no doubt heard of the Pub at Piper's Creek’s annual BBQ. This year it seems someone else is working on a barbecue and brew event, from all the way up in Bellingham. Currently the event is called Cold Smoke and while it is still under development it sounds like it will be an event to check out. With a tentative date of January 23rd (2010) it’s far from complete but already some details have come out from their newsletter.

source, The Green Frog Accoustic Cafe's logo"This is a idea that I have been percolating for quite some time. It is not totally solidified as I have to be able to get all the correct permits and health department hoo-ha in order (and you can just imagine how easy they make things), but I am well on the way to setting up a really great event. Cold Smoke will be the gathering of two distinct groups: home brewers and BBQer's. The laws just changed to make it legal for home brewers to share their beer outside of their own homes and we want to take advantage of that new found freedom. So...start making your beer, brewers. Not only will it be a gathering of like-minded individuals who come together over that which we love most, beer, but it will be a competition that is judged by certified judges. Alejandro Brown, more commonly known as Big Al (of Big Al Brewing) has agreed to not only judge, but offer the grand prize. He will be taking the winner back to Big Al Brewing and turning the recipe into one of the Local Hero series beers. That's right, if you win you get to brew on a big system. That is fun stuff. Also signed on to judge is our good friend Jamie Floyd of Ninkasi. This is going to be incredible. And to top it all off there will be a bevy of BBQs smoking meat and veggies to feed everyone. There will be a grand prize in that one too, although I haven't figured it out yet. But what better prize could we possible have than to gather as a community? There is a hitch though. This one isn't named Cold Smoke the heck of it. We're going to be doing this in the middle of winter, folks. I advise gloves and an old scarf to wipe up the bbq sauce! I know you think I'm crazy, but that's how it rolls around here. I'm shooting for January 23rd. You'll be there." source, The Green Frog Accoustic Cafe newsletter

     I am sure some of you are looking at the date and recalling another event that usually occurs near the end of January but you would be one week off. According to Nina Law at last year's Strange Brew the event has always been held the weekend before the Super Bowl. So if you have your thinking caps on that means you potentially will have two great weekends (01/23 & 01/30) before filling up on chips, nachos, and beer.

More details will be listed as they arrive but until then look for more Brewer's Night notices starting with this week.


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