(2 OR +1 WA) Ninkasi ‘Reign’s it in during October


The month of October is almost halfway complete and has already yielded some dark fruit from the hands of Ninkasi Brewing.

Demonstrating the unconventional approach that enjoying one of their many beers shouldn’t be while shackled to a barstool, they invite you to a few events.

October 14th, 2009

Ninkasi Brewer’s Night @ The Green Frog Acoustic Tavern

“As many of you know we have been hosting Brewer's Nights for the past year. They have turned into events that we look forward to every other Wednesday and by the numbers that come out for them, I think it is safe to assume that you also look forward to them. They all started last October with Ninkasi Brewing Company and after 26 brewers nights, without repeats, we are welcoming Ninkasi back for the one year anniversary. As with all anniversaries, we will be pulling all the stops for this one. Yes, beer lovers, this Wednesday will mark the day when we bring eight different kegs of delicious Ninkasi beer into the Green Frog. There will be some that you've seen before, but some that you have never even heard of and will likely never see again. We will be offering Tricerahops Double IPA, Total Domination IPA, Believer Double Red Ale, Oatis Oatmeal Stout, NuptiAle (a cream ale), TranscendentAle (a light ale made with lavender and tarragon made for Burning Man), Autumn Wheat Ale (a dark American wheat), and the very first keg of the season of Sleigh'r Winter Ale (a double alt).
This is a large undertaking, people. Eight kegs might not sound like a lot. We do have 23 kegs on all the time, after all. But we're talking 992 pints of Ninkasi, folks. 992 PINTS! I am clearly going to need your help in consuming these fine beverages. And of course that all starts on Wednesday. Ninkasi owner/brewer, Jamie Floyd, will be in the house and we are going to have one hell of a party. Thank you for making these nights a success. I'll try to make it up to you with 3 dollar pints. After all, nothing says thank you like cheap beer.

The Green Frog Acoustic Tavern
902 North State St. #104 Bellingham, WA 360-756-1213

October 23rd, 2009

Pumpkin Carving for Sheltercare @ Ninkasi Brewery

“Pumpkin carvers 21 and over! Bring in your Ninkasi inspired carving to the brewery by October 23rd and get a prize! These pumpkins will be taken down to 5th Street for Sheltercare's Jack-O-Lanterns on 5th: A Festival of Monstrous Proportions on ...Saturday the 24th and displayed for everyone to see. Go crazy!”

Ninkasi Brewery
272 Van Buren St, Eugene, OR (541) 344-2739

October 29th, 2009

Ninkasi Presents Eugene Filmmaker Competition @ The David Minor Theater & Pub


A special "beer through the ages" event screening, featuring works from local Eugene filmakers. Audience will vote for "Eugene's Best", followed by an evening of macabre DJ tracks of terror, and the shrieking return of Ninkasi "Sleigh'R" Seasonal Ale!

Show starts at 8:30 PM PST and runs into the night.

The David Minor Theater & Pub
180 E 5th Avenue Eugene, OR (541) 762-1700


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