(WA) Wandering the Hop Fields for August 31st, 2009

Raise another pint for MJ d. August 30, 2007

     Previously I did a story on our beloved professor of the pint Michael Jackson and his birthday *rest in peace. The substance was the nostalgic and albeit personal but still it was there for those who wanted to reflect on the man that inspired college students and the hop illiterates to drink great craft beers. I won’t go on about my personal experiences or who the man was since there are sources out there that can better describe who he was (psst, Wikipedia).

     To those recent acolytes to the world of hops and malt I say that you missed a great opportunity to hear from a man who not only loved a good pint but could assist your senses with almost tasting it.

     So I raise another pint to you Michael Jackson, thank you for inspiring me to appreciate great crafted beers.

LaTona is still old young enough to be carded

     Well it’s happened again another year has passed and with it another notable entry in LaTona’s history. What stories they can tell people about this year compared to year’s past. The pub has hosted many breweries both previous visitors and new (ref, Fremont Brewing). The menu of food hasn’t changed all that much but the staff has. The beers may rotate the seasons may change but the fact remains LaTona has earned the right to celebrate.

     Come down on Monday the 31st for a party with Elysian and company. Dave Buhler will be present as will some of the beers that he has promoted for over 10 years.

“22nd Birthday Bash. Featuring beers from Elysian Brewery including DeLorean Bitter, Hubris IPA, Haleakala Hibiscus Sour, Golden Boot and a Firkin of The Wise ESB. Music by Elysian Dave. Baby back ribs from Jed. And cake!  Come check it out.” source, LaTona’s Google Calendar

LaTona Pub (by Greenlake)
6423 Latona Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98115 (206) 525-2238

Come out to support ‘Reunion ‘09 A Beer For Hope’ one last time

     Alan Shapiro over the past couple of weeks has worked exhaustively to promote not only the awareness of a debilitating and senseless disease but also a great beer. I invite you to visit one more pub as a way of championing support for research to eradicating cancer.

“Please join us at Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle Tuesday, September 1st
at 7pm for a very special event.  We will be welcoming Alan Shapiro from SBS
Imports and showcasing this year's Reunion - A Beer for Hope

When you purchase a pint of Reunion, you will receive a limited edition
Reunion '09 pint glass - all for $5 (While supplies last).  We have a
limited number of these special glasses so be sure and get there early!

Beveridge Place Pub will also be making a donation for every pint sold.
Proceeds will benefit The Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research

Beveridge Place Pub
6413 California Ave SW
West Seattle, WA 98136
www.beveridgeplacepub.comsource, Alan Shapiro SBS Imports


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