(WA) Local writer performs community service

(Seattle, WA) Through-out the past few years the term “blogger” has become synonymous with everything from someone with too much time and many opinions to spokesperson for a company. In all cases the term and the stigma that is associated is generally not all that positive and is mostly received with skepticism or eye-rolling.

     However in an era where “social networking” is as normal as turning the lock in a door, instant access to information has become the convenience and not the luxury. Several in the Washington craft beer scene has floated along this current of acceptance and demonstrated that you can be a “blogger” and be informative.

     Recently another trend has started to rise up in the form of 'blog’ sponsorships. The idea is relatively new and mostly confusing since the norm’ has been that in order for an event to be of interest it had to tied to business sponsorship. However as Beer Church a not-for-profit organization demonstrated, all you need is a willing publican and a diligent grass roots effort to have an evening promoting craft beer. Falling in the same hue Seattle P-I’s “What’s on Tap” & SeattleBeerNews.com’s Geoff Kaiser is initiating what I like to call a giving back to the community.

     Called the IPA Blind Taste Test, the intent of the event is truly learn if knowing who made your beer has more influence over how well it was made. What makes the event unique is that its broken up into one part a panel of certified experts and the other side you the general public. Hosted by the Beveridge Place Pub the event is one of kind since this idea is produced by someone like you, a lover of IPAs. I asked Geoff what his thoughts were to come up with such an idea in an industry that is promoted by “professionals”.

“I think that people too often form an opinion on a beer based on what they have heard or read from other people. This is a great chance for customers to come taste a variety of IPAs and find out which ones they really prefer.”

“Washington makes some truly great IPAs, but so many IPAs made in other states and distributed here get much of the focus/excitement from consumers/writers (myself included!). It will be interresting to see the results from people's unbiased opinions. I'm really hoping that WA IPAs will put in a strong showing!”

     The IPA Challenge begins August 22nd starting at noon and runs till five PM that day. Results will then be tallied and the public will learn which state and which brewery produces that best IPA according to you the lover of craft beer. I know I am interested in this event and I think that anyone reading this that has a love a IPAs should go as well.


Seattle, WA

12:00 PM PST to 5:00 PM PST
IPA Challenge, Beveridge Place Pub
6451 California Avenue Seattle, WA

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