(WA) Fremont Brewing has a patio

     In case you are not a subscriber of the news and information that spews out of the Fremont Brewing Company’s ‘blog’ here is the latest tidbit.

“To kick off the official end of summer celebration season, the Fremont Brewing Company is opening the Urban Beer Garden this Thursday. The UBG will be inside the brewery, very low-key/industrial in atmosphere (we turned some kegs over and put some old bleacher boards together for a table) and will be serving Universale and one-of-a-kind beers as they come to maturity. Hours are from 4pm-8pm Thursdays and Fridays until the weather turns cold, wet and rainy. PLEASE NOTE: Hop Fest is this Friday and we all have to be there, so the beer garden will not run this coming Friday but will resume the following week on September 3rd and 4th.

On Tap for Thursday, August 27 at the Urban Beer Garden:

Universale Pale

Rye P.A. - this is what happens when you think about beer too much. We blended organic pilsner malt and pale malt, added some crystal malt, some crystal rye and a wee touch of Belgian aromatic malt and then dropped a bomb of Amarillo and other hops in the boil and stepped back after we dryhopped with Cascade and German Saaz. How does it taste? We want to know, too. Come explore this bold beer, on tap.

NitroUniversale - it had to be done. We added a nitro tap and put the Universale on for a little fun - creamy pale anyone? Mmmmm.

Coming Up: porters, more IPAs (oaked), blonde ales, Belgian wits, and more.

Come on down to the Fremont Urban Beer Garden this Thursday from 4pm-8pm and enjoy the creative side of beer. Also, bring yer cash because we do not have the credit card swiper running yet.


Matt Lincecum, Founder, Owner, Brewer” –source, Fremont Brewing’s website


Fremont Brewing Company
3409 Woodland Park Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103-8925

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