(WA) Big Al celebrates one year as a pro

     Most of those that are reading this column can relate to that headline. A man (or woman) picks up a kit at either a hobby store, a thrift store, or maybe a friend dusts his off and wills it to them. After a few chapters of "Charlie Papazian's Guide to Homebrewing", some purchased ingredients, and whoosh, unfiltered beer. Alejandro Brown can be described as a little of those things and so much more prior to his acquisition and induction into production brewer.

     Over a year ago a brewery situated up in the White Center neighborhood in Seattle was up for sale after many years spent attempting to turn an honest profit. The previous brewery had some recognizable names and along with it some recognized celebrities, namely the Rat City Roller Girls, but it wasn't enough. Alejandro along with several others investing with sweat equity, and some experiments eventually opened up Big Al Brewing.

source, Big Al Brewing's front page on their site

     Admittedly when this brewery first opened up I was skeptical since the name Alejandro Brown didn't inspired familiarity as I never attended the homebrew circles that he was akin to. Over the past few months I not only have learned to enjoy his beers but also his warm company during the many times that we have met. Al hasn't forgotten his influences either as he demonstrates with his “Local Hero” series of beers.

     Local Hero as the beer is named, is not some aptly named beer inspired by a council member or servant of the law but instead is a reverence for a member of those that brew in basements and garages around the country. Each "Local Hero" beer is comprised of the homebrewer's winning recipe and then expanded by the production brewery to produce an exceptional beer.

"A quarterly rotating seasonal based on a local home brewers recipe. Big Al will be coordinating with organizers of local home brew competitions to select worthy candidates from the Best of Show beers in each participating competition." source, Big Al Local Hero

Previous iterations included a Doppelbock from Kevin Davey, and most recently an ESB from Ken Frauenthal.

To continue promoting great beer and in recognition of their first year in the business of providing to Seattle and the surrounding area they are having a party.

"Stop by Big Al Brewing the weekend of August 7th, 8th, and 9th to celebrate our first anniversary! Live music on the 7th with Shifter and on the 8th with Tres Muertos Putas. BBQ in the beer garden on Sunday the 9th with family friendly games and activities. Beer specials all weekend on Abbey Wheat and Irish Red, the first two beers we opened with. See you there!" source, Big Al News

     This weekend is going to be another warm one for sure and no doubt like the rest of the city you don't have any means to cool off other than driving or walking to a nearby bar, restaurant, or brewery. Keep cool Seattle and go congratulate and thank Big Al Brewing for providing a little relief with each pint.


Big Al Brewing
9832 14th Avenue S.W. Seattle, WA 98106 (206) 453-4487

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