Shameless Self Promoting, Session Fest’

Steven Wright once said “I xeroxed a mirror. Now I have an extra xerox machine” and with that I am xerox’ing my own mirror to promote a unique classification of beers, session.

     The idea started about a couple of years ago after a bout of public intoxication that I had not intended. My wife and I took the bus to a festival drank plenty of water and even had conversations to distract us from drinking. The festival lasted a few hours and it was based on the concept of paying at the door and you drink till the session is up. The concept in theory is excellent since you get a chance to participate in an oversized area and socialize with people who share your passion for good beer.

     A few hours later though we were on a bus home and shortly afterwards I passed out. How did it happen that I was overcome with lucidity and loss of equilibrium since I thought I was ‘pacing’ myself? In the end I came to the conclusion that some of the beers however mild they might have tasted were far too rich in gravity. A few months later I thought of suggesting to the head of the Washington Association of Beer Lovers that they set a threshold to how high the alcohol could be at a festival. The idea sounded great but it would be tantamount to asking a baker to only bake white or wheat bread.

     Then I came up with this idea a few years ago for promoting a festival of my own where the “Alcohol By Volume” requirement is low while still permitting creativity, hence Session Fest’.

(Puget Sound, Washington) As the record summer heat in the region begins to wane so does our memories of light ales and lagers. Thankfully though there is one more opportunity to revisit those beers that hit the spot during those sweaty days. Starting on September 6th, 2009 and on into the week ending on Sunday the 12th come celebrate with us with Session Fest'.
Sponsored by the Northwest Beer Guide and in collaboration with nine regionally recognized alehouses & restaurants the festival features over 30 ales and lagers for you to choose from all below 5.2 percent. The festival is a return to an era when low abv beers were consumed over long conversations without fear of over-intoxication. These beers might be light in gravity but they are heavy in character. Please join us starting on the first Sunday in September as re-learn about a much forgotten category of beers, session beers.
Participating Publicans
Naked City Taphouse & Brewery (Greenwood neighborhood Seattle, WA)
The Park Pub (Phinney neighborhood Seattle, WA)
The Dray (Ballard neighborhood Seattle, WA)
Dog & Pony Alehouse (Renton, WA)
Hudson American Public House (Maple Leaf neighborhood Seattle, WA)
The Collins Pub (Pioneer Square neighborhood Seattle, WA)
Shultzy's Sausages (University District Seattle, WA)
Beveridge Place Pub (West Seattle neighborhood Seattle, WA)
The Red Hot (Tacoma, WA)
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Session Fest' "celebrating great conversations without the headache"

     Starting on the Sunday the 6th and running into the 12th I encourage you as an experiment to only drink beers that are below 5.21%. The idea sounds harder than it actually is but consider a few beers that you already drink and you will find its so much easier to accomplish.

  • Guinness Draught, 4.20%
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon, 4.74
  • Elysian Zephyrus Pilsner, 4.44%
  • Hales Cream Ale, 4.90%

     So give it a shot and see if you have what it takes to enjoy a pint of beer and go home without fear of over intoxication.


Session Fest’

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