(OR) Wandering the Hop Fields for August 31st, 2009

Brew at Full Sail for a Week?

Speaking from personal experience there is nothing greater than walking around the Full Sail brewery and taking in what it means to be a brewery. I have been on a couple of tours of this employee owned brewery located along the shores of the Columbia River. If you have ever heard of this brewery, tasted their beers, or driven along interstate 82 in Oregon; you have familiarity with Full Sail.

Full Sail in collaboration with the state of Oregon’s Travel Commission will be offering you the opportunity to be a “brewmaster” for a week. Details include …

  • Tour the Great Western Malting and Hop Farm
  • Learn about mashing and the mash tun
  • Learn about sparging and the lauter tun
  • Understand the spice of the beer and the contributions of the hops and kettle
  • Pitch the yeast (the magic ingredient)
  • Look under the microscope in the lab
  • Partake in bottling at 500 beers per minute
  • Fill kegs
  • TASTE the rewards of your hard work
    source, Oregon Tourism Commission

     Additional opportunities include being a chef, winemaker, fisherman, chocolate maker (is that a word?), cheese maker, distiller, rancer, and chef. This contest which is currently running goes from August 24th to the September 18th. Good luck.

Labradors on Bikes for Tour de Lab

The terms bicycling and beer often inspire thoughts of some poor sod who elected to get on his two wheels and tests his constitution. September 18th, you get a chance to enjoy those two things but thankfully the beer is at end of the journey rather than the beginning.

“Tour de Lab is a bicycle tour of the three Lucky Lab brew pubs. You'll journey along urban routes on this 18-mile ride. But if you feel you really need to earn that pint, you can choose the 30-mile Big Dog course.

At each of the rest stops you'll earn your doggie gear: tail, ears and nose. Once you're fully dogged up, it's time to kick back, relax and enjoy the dog days of summer with your Tour de Lab pint of Lucky Lab's handcrafted ale. The commemorative print glass is yours to keep.”

More information is available at the website if you feel like registering for this event


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