(OR / ID) Editorial … mea culpa to OR & ID

     Oregon and Idaho I have a small confession to make you haven’t been forgotten. In an age where everyone with a keyboard, a mouse, and a computer can write their thoughts or echo another’s, I have failed in keeping this site’s mission statement on course. Over the past two weeks I have written much in regards to Washington all within the confines of my home in Seattle, while Idaho & Oregon still await recognition.

     While I visited Portland during Oregon Brewer’s Festival I still have yet to finish my words on that trip. Additionally I did make a trip over to Hood River where I had a chance to visit both Full Sail and Double Mountain. In the meantime know that I will be working towards getting the word out on Idaho and Oregon events and news this week, but for now I should take a step back and refresh the old inspirational batteries. This isn’t a request for a pat on the back this is my way of apologizing to you corner states that help Washington make up the Pacific Northwest.

Mea Culpa

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