(Seattle, WA) Over a year ago while sitting at my desk and listening to discussions on the state of the economy and the housing bubble I started seeing mentions of local breweries cropping up (see, Black Raven, Naked City, Big Al, etc.) throughout Seattle. The first thoughts that entered my mind was "aren't we in a recession?" Yet its a year later and another brewery has managed to prosper by providing a source of relief from taxes, bills, gas prices, and other "downers" during this latest recession.

     Joel Vanderbrink, is someone that most of you haven't heard of but you have more than likely heard of his beers at places like Naked City Taphouse & Brewery, LaTona Pub, Beveridge Place, or recently at the Washington Brewer's Festival (during the weekend of June 19th). Two Beers which started in a storage unit was first brought to the public in February of 2008. Demonstrating the term ‘nano’ brewery, he (Joel) only brewed around sixteen kegs (or 8 barrels) of beer each month and was the sole brewer, distributor, and sales rep. for the brewery.

     If you spoke to Joel today on what he has learned the advice given to aspiring brewery owners would be plan it out well in advance and then invest that amount into savings times three. However despite the previous statement Joel is optimistic that the new space in So’Do (South of Downtown Seattle) will allow him to continue growing until one day he will no longer be a part time  (despite working anywhere between 60 to 70 hours a week) brewer but will be a full time fixture within those four walls.

     To further punctuate his dedication to remain a permanent facet in the local brewing industry Joel is having a party. July 25th between two and eight PM you will have an opportunity to sample the Two Beers lineup, consume some great barbecue, play games, and listen to live music, all in the sake of supporting another local up and coming brewery. Good luck with your new space Joel, I look forward to seeing it and what the future holds for this little brewery that continues to grow one pint at a time.


video courtesy of Two Beer's Brewery

July 25th, 2009

Seattle, WA

2:00 PM PST to 8:00 PM PST
Two Beers Grand Opening Party
4700 Ohio Avenue South 98134

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