(Seattle, WA) If I said Russian River, what comes to mind? Pliny the Elder? Blind Pig? Or are you one of the more educated who has also consumed with ravenous enthusiasm owner and brewer Vinnie Cilurzo's wild ales, such as Temptation, Consecration, or Supplication? Tonight at around 5 or 6 (to hell with it, just come during happy hour and stay till 7 or so) they will pull the Crown Royal cover off the handle and re-visit the Brouwer's ‘house beer’, Publication.

source, Brookston Beer Blog ‘The Matts’, Big Daddy (Toronado), Chris (Falling Rock), and Vinnie (Russian River), striking a pose.

First featured during Seattle Beer Week at Brouwer's Sour Fest, Publication's 'first run' (aka, Empirical 7) was offered alongside other Russian River nods. Brouwer's is no stranger to Russian River though since the brewery from Santa Rosa, California produced the Bottleworks Ninth Anniversary aptly named Deviation.

So what the hell is Publication anyways and why the hell should I drop what I am doing to try this? The answer is simple you are celebrating another exciting moment in craft beer, a house beer collaboration by some of the most recognized pubs in the country. Besides Brouwer's, Monk's Cafe (Philadelphia, PA), Horse Brass (Portland, OR), Toronado (San Francisco, CA), and Falling Rock (Denver, CO) will be pouring this as their ‘house beer’.

"Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing, along with Matt Vandenberghe, Matt Bonney, David Keene, Chris Black, Tom Peters, and Don Younger who are the founding members of the PNC, got together back in the beginning of May to brew a special beer for our first release of many to come. You can expect to see this beer in the next couple of weeks exclusively in our Pubs." source, Publican National Committee Blog

Vinnie Cilurzo says this about the Publication.

"OG: 1.066 (16.5 Plato)
8% ABV
BU’s: 48
Style: Saison finished with Brettanomyces
Tasting Notes: Golden in color, strong yeast aroma with mild aromas of barnyard and leather from the Brettanomyces. Flavor’s of malt and spice dominate the palate with a dry nutty (malt) character mixed with a funky Brettanomyces finish. The hops are dominate but well placed with-in the brew."

"Publication started out as a test beer we called Empirical 7 which was a blonde ale fermented with a Saison yeast I wanted to test out for the PNC beer. The Empirical 7 was extremely hoppy and very very dry and the use of Brett for keg conditioning was very heavy handed. The Empirical 7 was meant to be a test batch for the members of the PNC to taste and based on their feedback I would build the recipe for the first ever PNC beer. At about midnight the night before the brew, over a game of Washoe’s and 10 beers into the night we finally got around to talking about the beer. A higher ABV was requested with more characteristics from the yeast and fermentation were also wanted in the PNC beer. With that in mind I set out to tweak the test batch and brew the next day. In the end I did bump up the malt bill so we could reach an ABV of 8%. I also switched out some of the base 2-row malt for some pilsner malt which would add another dimension with the malt characteristic in the beer. We used the same hop bill as the test batch so with a higher ABV and more malt on the palate the hops would be a little less aggressive. In fermentation we fermented about 6 degrees warmer to get more yeast characteristic in the final beer. Once the beer was ready to keg we used a smaller amount of Brett so there would be more flavor from the fermentation coming through. At a young age, this beer drinks very well, but, there are still some rough edges which will round out nicely as the beer ages."

"Vinnie Cilurzo
Brewer / Owner
Russian River Brewing Company"
source, Publican National Committee Blog

If you don't live in Seattle or in the outlying areas, contact the other member pubs to see if its already gone on yet. Hooray for colla-beer-ation.

"The PNC beer is now on at the Toronado...Monk's Cafe, Horse Brass, Brouwer's Cafe and Falling Rock will be pouring in weeks to come." source, Publican National Committee Blog (dated, July 16th, 2009)


Brouwer’s Cafe
400 North 35th Street Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 267-1200

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