Since it’s July and with it the opportunity to bask in all things Oregon (assuming you live in or are traveling through, the state) I have updated the layout to include a “Oregon Beer Month” specific calendar. If you look to your left you will see all events so far added to the calendar for today and the rest of the month. I understand there are many items missing from the calendar so please bear with me.

     In regards to the regularly affixed ‘near the top’ calendar (aka, Northwest Beer Guide Calendar) I have moved that down a peg. But fear not it won’t get missed in regards to upcoming events. Lastly, if an event occurs in Oregon is daily, weekly, or monthly and continues past July it will be duplicated on this calendar (NW Beer Guide) as well (ex. Laurelwood’s Brewer Wednesdays).

     As for me I will be more than likely down in Portland towards the end of the month, participating in the Oregon Brewer’s Festival, the occasional related special events or just sitting in my hotel room have a cold bottle of Oregon finest (*might even sneak me a Washington or Idaho beer while I am down there).


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